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Dec-31st-2012 11:59 pm - ONE WAY LOVE
friends only; YOU CAN TRY

for your considerationCollapse )

Last cleared: 6/17/11
Because actually the only person I really knew was albel. >8D;; Everyone else was new, even if I'd met them briefly before!

Even though we definitely had a conversation about who we all were on LJ... I don't remember sorry ajhgas.;; Who had that piece of paper, was it electricsong...?
Feb-6th-2010 02:59 pm - friends cut
friends cut;

Removing dead journals, people I never talk to, etc., etc. If you feel I've made a mistake, feel free to leave a comment and I'll re-add you. But if you're fine with no longer being LJ friends, please remove me from your friends as well.

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Nov-9th-2009 09:29 pm - The Pitch/Spectacular Spectacular
My pent up creative energy from yesterday exploded today, all over my Greek notes. But I redid everything in Photoshop (so forgive some of the shaky lines, I'm not used to my tablet anymore D|). Also the format is really weird because 1) the panels didn't fit right when I was drawing my roughs 2) when I scanned my roughs, the sizes became really huge and adskfjhgdskj I didn't want to bother shrinking everything so that it fit into a proper comic strip. (Of course, these are all hosted on LJ Scrapbook, so you can see the fullsize ones if you want.) So... there you have it.

Maya has a moustache because she is the Narcoleptic Argentinean.Collapse )
Mar-7th-2009 02:34 pm - さよならBye bye

Because I haven't done one in a while... It's not that I hate anyone, it's really just a matter of:
✖ you haven't updated in 21347801234 years
✖ you've moved journals and I'm removing your old one
✖ we don't talk
✖ we never talked in the first place hey why were we friends anyway...? =w=;

I've already made my cuts, so if you find that you've been cut and you think it's a mistake, don't be afraid to comment and we'll talk it out. B) comments are screened
Title: Encantamiento Inútil
Author: 148km
Fandom: alice nine. (also features Sugimoto Yoshinori and THE KIDDIE)
Pairing: Tora/Shou, one-sided Tora/Hiroto, Yoshinori/Nao
Rating: R
Genre: AU
Warnings: Vampires, RPS, male/male, violence, language, failure to secure a beta reader
Chapter: 7 [ archive ]
Summary: For once, Shou was glad that Tora was such a mistrustful bastard.

Well, you know, not every fledgling is as rebellious as you are, Tora-chu.Collapse )
Nov-13th-2008 05:26 pm - NOV 15

I'll be at City Hall at 10:30. 8) The super-helpful event page says that you can take the Metro to the Civic Center, so yayyy for not having to drive. |D
Nov-10th-2008 11:23 pm - P.S.:
Nov-5th-2008 03:44 pm - kajsdhagk
11/5/08, 10:32 PM Some other people wanted to read this so I made it public... I'm a little nervous because I sort of put myself out there on this one. (Seriously, I used to filter entries with this particular tag, but I think I'm sort of past worrying about that now.) Anyway...

So... I think I have a pretty good handle on how most of California!f-list feels about this issue, and how some of the rest of f-list feels about this issue, and... Basically the reason I didn't post about this earlier was because I would sort of have been preaching to the choir with California!f-list. But if there was ever a time to post this... idk, even if you don't agree with gay marriage, hear me out.

That's the way it is in California.Collapse )

Feel free to disagree, I know a few of you do, just... this is my stance and my reasoning and I'd like for people to know what it is and why. And for the record (apart from the part where I am TOTALLY GAY FOR SHOU--but that's a separate issue), I'm straight. ;p It seems like it's trendy to be a lesbian or something, but... yeah. For the most part, I like boys. 8D

In other news, I'm still super stressed about applying to private colleges because we're supposed to bring our completed applications and mailing envelopes and transcripts and everything to our letter of rec appointments!? JKHADSF WHY DON'T YOU TELL US ANYTHING, COLLEGE OFFICE. All I wanted was the evaluation from Mrs. McCoy so I could send it wherever I needed if I decided I wanted to go there. Now I feel all pressured... D;

... WHEN REALLY, the only place I want to go now is Cal. orz I WANT TO GO TO A UNIVERSITY RENOWNED FOR ITS POLITICAL ACTIVISM. I want to be politically active, and I want to be surrounded by people who are also politically active (and are not Kevin Downey or Zach Weitz, who are really both just more loud and obnoxious than they are activists). For the first time in my life, I really feel like I want to make a difference in the world, and that I actually can. This is a wonderful feeling, and nothing can take it away from me.

Also... what they said on the announcements this morning was that is was an auspicious moment in history. Because it is an auspicious moment in history, not because the student council supports Obama. If you can't just suck up your McCain-butthurt-ness for a second and realize that, yes, this is, in fact, an amazing feat for a country that, 60 years ago, wouldn't let colored people use the same drinking fountains as white people, then you need to take the stick out of your ass and just... idk, just... god. It's nothing to call the school administration over, Jesus Christ. They were talking about his victory being amazing because he's a black guy. Are you going to complain about Black History Month, too? There are just... no words. :/

Anyway, brb, raging over California stripping civil liberties, SIGH.

Oct-13th-2008 01:04 pm - Evacuated.
I just got home about ten minutes ago, and we just got the order for mandatory evacuation... Nahhhh, of course; all of a sudden, it's windy, and then Porter Ranch is on fire. -_- I heard that the fire just crossed the 118, so it's time to skidaddle. I'm packing a bag now, hopefully we can return home soon, but...

We haven't had a big fire since 2005 (around this time of year), and every year, it gets closer and closer to our house... (Last time, it came literally only a couple hundred yards from us). We'll probably go to my grandma's house, but hopefully we can return home soon...

So, Cass, don't send that money off yet... 8);;
in one sense